Untreated Softwood C24 Timber Ideal for Stud Work & Building Timber Frames, Or Any Project You Might Have Around The Household That You Want To Use Our Timber Supplies For. Our 4x2 lumber is a lightweight material that has been finished to a roughly 45mm x 95mm size. It has been kiln dried, regularized for straightness, This 4x2 wood is constructed from premium, responsibly harvested wood. Kiln-dried wood has many benefits over air-dried wood, making it a popular option for a variety of woodworking and building jobs. A kiln's regulated atmosphere facilitates faster and more even drying, reducing the likelihood of warping, cracking, and other flaws that are frequently connected to air-drying techniques. This constant moisture level makes the wood more stable and strong, which makes it a better choice for building, furniture making, and other uses where dependability and quality are crucial. What is C24 timber? C24 timber is a higher grade of softwood than C16 timber used in construction. Like C16, the (C) in C24 stands for (conifer), but the (24) refers to the C24's minimum strength of 24 N/mm², which means it can handle a heavier load than C16 timber. (Other Timber Supplies Available)

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