Our (Class 2) Birch Plywood is an excellent hardwood plywood for making furniture & finishing off walls, combined with Osmo oil products this ply can look amazing in any home, with a high-quality face finish that is composed of several veneers to boost structural integrity. It is constructed from numerous thin veneer layers that are adhered to one another at right angles. Its smooth surface, light color, and exceptional mechanical and physical qualities are all united. BB grade The primary commercial or utility grade, which permits patches and other knots and defects, has two faces that are Grade BB. Ideal for all ordinary tasks, such as CNC machining, or any application where face grade is not too crucial. However, high-quality BB grade boards might be sufficient for furniture and clean finishing. Further Information: 6.0mm BB/BB Grading 9.0mm BB/BB Grading 12.0mm BB/BB Grading 15.00mm BB/CC Grading 18.00mm BB/BB Grading 24.00mm BB/BB Grading What is Class 2 grading? Class 2. For humid conditions - protected external applications and damp internal uses (and must have limited exposure to moisture during construction). (Other sheet material supplies available)

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