When you purchase this product please be aware that only 1 side of the MDF Is oak veneered on 6mm,10mm,13mm, however 2 sides are oak veneered on the 19mm MDF. Our oak veneered MDF is veneered with American oak, and has a MDF core. Our wonderful oak veneered MDF board is exceptionally adaptable and has many applications, such as making cabinets and furniture, etc. although this item is supplied unfinished, it can be waxed, coated, or coated. like a piece of solid oak, it can also be stained to darken it. not only does the robust and stable MDF core keep it flat, but it also accepts repairs well and can be edged to conceal the core. 6mm = Oak veneer is one sided 10mm = Oak veneer is one sided 13mm = Oak veneer is one sided 18mm = Oak veneer is both sided with an (A/B) face grade (Other sheet material supplies available)

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